Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunshine Has Been Fantastico

Did you all have a fine weekend? I know I sure did. My husband and I got a TON of work done around the house. We started in the cereal cabinet and made it around our entire kitchen cleaning out the cabinets. After I rearranged, combined and threw out old, our cupboards are very bare. Its ok though. We don’t need a whole lot of extra stuff. I loved opening the one cabinet and it didn’t have anything in it. I laughed for a while!

We visited with some friends, my in-laws, my parents and even had time to exercise! It was a great weekend. The best part was that the sun was shining the entire time!!!
Tomorrow morning is my official “weigh-in” and I think I am doing really well. I have done my Shredder for 6 days in a row now! Today will make a week of shredder. I even got up early on Friday morning in order to do it before work. I am going to have to do that more often, because it really helps in the evening plans. I know that Saturday and Sunday I did not want to exercise. I just wanted to chillax after we worked in our house. I forced myself to go to the basement and bust a move. It was totally worth it too because it didn’t take too long, I really sweat it out and I felt so much better about myself.

I did enough laundry to choke a cow over the weekend and guess what! I even put it all away!!! I never do that. I usually let it sit in the basket for a week and then put it away. I don’t know what got into me over the weekend except that the sun was shining and I even had my bedroom window open!

This should be a quick week. I have doctors appointments, trainings, special lunch dates… you know all kinds of awesome work stuff to fill the week and then BOOM! It will be the weekend again and time for max and relaxin.

The awesome St. Pattys Day Parade will be Saturday, so that should be fun! Last year my sisters and I went while my husband golfed. I wonder if he will be able to golf this Saturday. It seems to me there is still a foot of snow packed in our yard. I hope he can!

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