Friday, March 5, 2010


Wow! Is it already Friday?!? This week flew by and I never got a chance to catch my breath it seems.

Last night on The Office, Jim and Pam had a baby. I had said earlier in the day that if it was half as good as when they got married, I could die happy. Well, it lived up to the funniness and now, I can die happy.

My favorite parts were when the Lactation Consultant came in to see Pam… and it was a man. I don’t know if you all remember but, I too had a male Lactation Consultant. His name was BOB and I was quick to name him Bob the Boobman. See, I am actually a child trapped in a 27 year olds body and I am not quite mature yet. When my man Bob put that breast pump on himself, even my husband (mister maturity) was laughing. So, that really was amusing that it was on tv. I just want everyone to know, Bob did look at my boobs, but never touched them. Hahahah!!!

I also loved when they picked up the wrong baby and Pam breast fed it. It was hilarity!!!

Last night I shredded and treaded. It was a good time! I was sufficiently sweaty and I felt so good after I worked out. I wanted to wake up this morning to do day 4 of shredder because we are busy tonight. Guess what! I can not wake up with my alarm like EVER, but today… I was up at 5:30 am with my alarm and went to the basement and shredded! Awesome Job Toni! You’re the bomb! (I have to keep telling myself that!)

I even had time to make myself a scrambled egg and milk and OJ Simpson for breakfast. Im gonna have to look into this getting up early thing more often because… it is quite nice to not be rushed.

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