Monday, March 15, 2010

The Weekends Are Too Short : (

WOW! This weekend was fantastical, but too short. Friday night we went to the Home Show to see if we could get any ideas for our new home, and guess what? I did get some ideas. YAY!

We had plans Saturday to Max and Relax all day, but those plans never pan out and we ended up going on a date! My husband took me to a really nice local theater and we watched “She’s Outta My League” which was filmed in Pittsburgh. That movie was totally hilarious! I laughed and laughed and laughed as well as my husband – who never shows emotion during movies. It really showcased Pittsburgh. The airport, the South Side, Penn Avenue, North Shore, PNC Park, Mellon Arena, the Warhol Museum… it really made Pittsburgh look good. Definitely go see that movie. It was totally worth the hour and 45 minutes we sat in the theater.

Sunday was a clean and bake day. I did a ton of laundry as well as baked 100 million oatmeal cookies and a birthday cake for Traci. I worked out and then played an obscene amount of wii with Teri. We had a birthday party for Traci and relaxed the rest of the evening.

I know everyone is curious about the MEAT auction… Well, I didn’t purchase any MEAT. They had entire cows for sale. I could not possibly do anything with that much MEAT, so I stuck with some Frozen Mac and Cheesus, brown sugar, frozen veggies and giant sized oatmeal (hence the million oatmeal cookies I made). We had a really good time Thursday night at the club and they have excellent chicken wings as well as fabulous chicken salads. YUM, I can not wait to go back for dinner!

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